About Us

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow”

Our agency does not differ so much from the others. We have an office, a website, popular tours, we have reliable workers, guides, partners. We have excursions that reveal a new world to the guests, which they watched only through the screen.

However, our agency “Travela” is looking for changes throughout the year. A new itinerary, a new island, a new corner yet to be discovered. And we seem to be great at it!
The offer of excursions changes according to your suggestions. If you have a unique wish, we will fulfill it for you.
Visit us at the branch or send an inquiry.
Check the offer of our tours and use the best of Croatia!
we wish you a happy journey and a peaceful road. But also the sea!



Bajam j.d.o.o., Travela travel agency
Bartula Kašića Isusovca 6, Kastel Stari
OIB: 72426909127

Račun IBAN HR4824070001100519091

Otp bank

Domovinskog rata 61, Split


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